Taste in the name of culture – NAAN & KABOB

Food craving is a passion that is carried away by the people who are passionate about foods. A food craver always looks into the cuisines, which looks and taste different, but good. Mostly food cravers are the travellers who love travelling, and they travel miles, looking for variety in cultures, places and in the cuisines. People come out to a restaurant, questing to taste new, apart from their home cook. Millions of people worldwide are travelling every single day, for some its and adventure, and for some its part of their work.

They travel to different places, and taste different foods, were different cloths, and try to own the culture and tradition of the places they go through. Well what are the people travelling for? Why are they leaving back home food, to come to a restaurant? Well, yes it is the food they crave for, it is the culture they want to explore widely around, it is change they want in their regular appetite and livelihood. They crave to such places and goes to the restaurant, for the varieties we serve them in the name of culture and generosity, in the name of traditional cuisines.


With the entire look over, in and around, adapting different cultures, and tasting different foods. We came up with an idea to casting our tradition and culture in the face of generosity and foods. Best Afghan food Mississauga are famous worldwide, because of the aroma and taste them put into their foods. In the Middle Eastern part, to the corner line of Canada, This restaurant was started in the summer of 2011. Looking after the popularity in traditional exploration and cultural cuisines to the place, And people all over the place started to come in Naan & Kabob to have a taste of Afghanistan Mississauga specialties.


Here traditional meals are offered, in a traditional ways, with wide variety in eatables, like: Qabuli Palau, Shish Kabob Sultani Kabob, and in an appetizer we serve Bolanee, Mantu, etc. Naan & Kabab endeavor to provide healthy and hearty meals to the customer in an affordable price. It is not about the food we will serve, it is the taste we serve will be remembered by you.

Mississauga Location
30 Bristol Road East, Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 3K8
905.501.9889 , Website-http://nandk.ca/mississauga


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